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MEDICARE + YOU | Better Together
MEDICARE + YOU | Better Together

Your Medicare enrollment is coming up soon. Whether you plan on enrolling right away or working past 65, the right Medicare plan can give you peace of mind right now. As you explore your options, our FREE Medicare Guidebook can help you prepare. Or, one of our Medicare specialists can help you find the plan that best fits your needs and budget. And together, we'll simplify the complicated.

Our Medicare representatives have the answers you're looking for.

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Download your FREE Medicare Guidebook today so you don't have gaps in coverage or miss any important deadlines.

Our easy-to-download Guidebook includes:
  • The different types of Medicare plans available
  • Coverage options, including if you plan on working past 65
  • When you should enroll
  • Late enrollment penalties

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Know the difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage

It can make a big difference in your budget and healthcare coverage.

Top 5 Tips

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Many of our Medicare Advantage plans include extra benefits, like dental, vision, hearing, and fitness. Some even include chiropractic coverage.
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It's a good idea to make a list of all the medications you're taking when looking for a Medicare Advantage plan. Then check the list of covered drugs (also called a formulary) to see if all your drugs are covered on the plan you like. You can search the Premera Medicare Advantage formulary here.
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Premera has thousands of doctors and hospitals in our Medicare Advantage network. So, chances are your doctor is in our network. You can search our provider directory here.
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A Premera Medicare Advantage plan helps keep your retirement money safe by paying for costs not covered by Original Medicare alone. Plan premiums start as low as $0 per month.
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It's important to be able to call customer service and ask questions about your Medicare Advantage plan. Premera's customer service team can answer most questions in just one phone call.

Our network providers

Premera contracts with thousands of top providers. See if your doctor is already part of our network.

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Download your FREE Medicare Guidebook
Download your FREE Medicare Guidebook

Here's the key info you need to understand the different parts of Medicare and find the right plan.